This is what I call a classic, because it is our go-to easy mid-week recipe for a dinner that is simple and easy on your digestion.  I buy organic mixed greens from the grower which makes the simple use of salad look and taste fantastic with very little effort! This takes 5 minutes.


1 small piece of fish- try salmon or ocean trout.

coconut oil for the pan

mixed leaves



olive oil 

lemon or apple cider vinegar 

pepper & salt (himalayan or celtic sea)


Wash and prepare your salad, avocado and sprouts, toss it in a little olive oil, lemon/acv, salt and pepper.  Plate up a neat pile of salad on your plate.

Grab your pan and start on high heat with the coconut oil.  When the pan is hot, add your fish and sear on both sides.  When you are getting close to half cooked, turn the heat down and carefully break up in large chunks, and cook a little more.  Leave the fish cooked to medium as it will continue to cook a little as you plate it up.  

Take the fish out of the pan and arrange carefully tossed in the salad, making it look gorgeous enough to eat!  Squeeze over some lemon and salt and pepper and you are done!  So good, and wasn't I quick was that!

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