“Work with a purpose and aim to change the world just a little with everything we do. We feel that we have a huge responsibility to choose to do our best before profits.
We work focussed on the detail of every aspect of whatever we apply ourselves to and dive in 100% to bring the best quality possible to the customer.”
“We value quality and integrity without compromise. We called our venture Passion Projects as a constant reminder of our purpose."

Passion Projects is an award-winning supplement company, dedicated to providing organic raw plant based protein powders, superfood powders, and green calcium powders.

Our products are plant based, making them suitable for vegans and vegetarians, (even Paleo) with nutritional formulas that are far ahead of most products in the market in terms of nutritional value and manufacturing integrity.

Our superfood powders, protein powders and green calcium powder ingredients are sourced globally from responsible and sustainable production.

We believe that targeted nutrition and the absence of harmful additives can assist emotional imbalances, stress, and energy levels.



Joint founder & CEO

​​​​​​Alejandro & Lynette de la Vega

Alejandro & Lynette have been the entrepreneurial driving force behind the Passion Projects brand which started in 2003 as a project of passion to help their young son who suffered with severe dyslexia and a hypersensitivity to additives in just about everything.

Lynette has lived her whole life studying natural therapies and the benefits of whole food nutrition and followed a strong belief that what we eat, do and think about, make us either sick or healthy.

Fuelled by this belief and through extensive testing and R&D they discovered that targeted nutrition would help their son with his learning, his emotional imbalances, stress, energy and his ability to get through his day.

Initially trained as architects but with a life long passion for the Health, Fitness & Nutrition Industry, Alejandro & Lynette have established themselves as Australian leaders in the field of nutrition winning the prestigious Australian Business Award for Product Excellence in 2014, 2015 and 2017.

Founding Biochemist & Nutritionist Partner

Henry Osiecki

Henry Osieki has been a leading Australian Biochemist/ Clinical Nutritionist for over 30 years with his own Bio-Concepts (Orthoplex) practitioner range of nutritional supplements.

Henry is well known for his ongoing education; his stream of newspaper articles; lectures and radio show and his involvement in so many high-ranking sporting successes (including Olympic and Commonwealth Games teams, gold medalist swimmers, Rugby, Football and Cycling).

Add to this list that fact that his books are standard texts in Naturopathic and Dietetic studies in Australia. Henry has been a cutting edge innovator in the nutritional industry driven by quality and a deep understanding of the synergy of essential nutrients and their pathways to improved health.

Henry’s protocol for helping Lynette’s parents when she was growing up was the inspirational link to working together on a shared passion for quality nutritional solutions.


Passion Projects is the only Health & Nutrition company to manufacture complementary medicine products in a Sydney TGA facility with ingredients sourced globally from responsible and sustainable production without Compromise.

Our Scientifically Developed Superfood Formulas Deliver Optimal Doses of Essential Nutrients Directly to the Cells Allowing Your Body to Quickly & Efficiently Use the Nutrients, Vitamins & Minerals for a Better Foundation & Optimum Health


We believe that to get the most out of our lives we have to eat well, love well, have fun and contribute to others with a driven passion. We believe that we all have a contribution to make to others.

After operating Passion Projects since 2012, we are proud to be able to quantify our contribution, as so many of our customers now share with us what we have done to change their health and their lives. We believe we do this through our passion and our no compromise demand for excellence.

At Passion Projects, we go that extra mile because we accept and understand what it takes to demand that quality for our family and ourselves. We search for the best way to deliver quality and ensure that there are no hidden nasty ingredients that are damaging to our bodies. It is in our ethos that we will continue to strive for the best and push all boundaries to achieve this with everything we do


Passion Projects is an Australian company with offices in Sydney, London and Miami.

For all media enquiries please contact Alejandro de la Vega at alejandro@passionprojects.com.au

For all other enquiries please follow this link