Argentinian Baked Eggs - Just Like Home!!

Argentinian Baked Eggs - Just Like Home!!


Organic free range eggs x 2

Tomato base sauce 

Kale (or baby spinach)



Truffle oil or olive oil


Toast to serve


Pre-heat your oven to 180C.  As you want to have the tomato base really hot by the time the eggs go in, there is a little procedure to get the best result.  Place the terracotta dishes on a tray that is easy to take in and out.  Pre-heat them in the oven for 5 mins.  

The first thing to go in is the tomato sauce.  You may want to make your own, but as this is a brunch, i usually grab the best organic arrabiata pasta sauce I have in a jar in the pantry.  It has to be spicy and chunky, so you may want to add garlic and chilli, salt and pepper to taste.  Pour the sauce in the dishes, making sure you cover the dish base with plenty of sauce (say 10-20 mm).  

Return the dishes to the oven and wait for the sauce to heat up.

in the meantime, chop the kale and leeks. (I always pour apple cider vinegar over my kale to aid digestion, and hand-scrunch it in).  Pan fry your leeks first in coconut oil until nice and brown, and throw the kale in for a quick moment.  Take off the heat and hold, lid off, until the eggs are cooked. You will be placing the greens on top just before serving.  

Go back to your oven and take out the tray of dishes.  Crack your eggs over the hot sauce, carefully and return the tray to the oven. You will be standing over it ( while you make your toast now) as you want to cook the egg whites, not the yolk. (The uncooked egg yolk is healthier for you and more delicious in this dish).  

Once you see the whites appear cooked remove from the oven.  This dishes will be very hot, so serve on another plate.  Finish by adding the greens, goat's curd, a splash of oil, salt and pepper; perhaps even sliced chorizo if you want meat in there. This tastes great too, although we prefer the vegetarian version. 

So that's it!- it's delicious and easy, I'm sure you will get into the habit of falling back on this classic too on a lazy Sunday like us! Enjoy :) 

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