Your Hair is Your Best Asset - Here is How to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Your Hair is Your Best Asset - Here is How to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Few of us actually think about our hair health as we tend to take it for granted. Then when something goes wrong we tend to just take it as it comes, you know- "I take after my grandfather or father or so and so", but with a little knowledge and dedication you may be able to keep it looking better than you think. So get going with some easy tips here!

For some men and women, the worry of possible hair loss (or receding hairline) is positively scary and the 'worry' part exacerbates the problem even more. We think about food nourishing our bodies, but we can't forget that how we look after our diet will make an impact on our hair now and well into the future. Getting in early with a healthy approach to naturally beautiful hair is really so easy.


There are so many different types and influences that need to be considered:

1. ALOPECIA - total or partial hair loss. This is not always permanent. Most common is pattern baldness, which is hereditary and expressed in males much more often than females, because the male testosterone is influential here.

2. PREMATURE - could happen from a sex hormone imbalance.

3. SUDDEN TEMPORARY – as a response to stress, fever, flu, pneumonia or typhoid fever.

4. GRADUAL THINNING - caused by severe nutritional deficiencies, tuberculosis, cancer or thyroid/pituitary gland disorder.

5. TEMPORARY – from X-rays, radiation exposure, anti-cancer drugs.


Hair loss in Chinese herbalism is attributed to deficiencies in the liver, kidneys and the spleen-pancreas. As it is one indicator of blood quality, treating or strengthening these organs can improve the quality of your hair.


Try adding wolfberries (also called goji berries), mulberries, and fleeceflower root to your diet. Try also: seaweed (in particular hijiki), blackstrap molasses (watch out! too much will cause hair loss), nettles, and wheatgrass.

(Note: wolfberries, are in our {allyouneedislove} complex formulas – the highest concentration is in our complex berry, and a little less in our complex green (seaweed and wheatgrass is included here as well).Adaptogenic herbal extracts are included once again in both of these formulas to assist the body with stress and support the liver and kidneys). By looking after these organs as an added bonus you will also hold back greying hair as well. 


Here we are talking in particular about Chlorella and Spirulina (available in our {allyouneedislove} triple green, complex green and complex berry formulas). These superfoods are a must for a healthy diet for so many reasons, but we are concentrating on the what they can do for your hair. Firstly they are useful for counteracting the effects of radiation from x-ray, air travel and computer screen exposure. Spirulina is rich in a huge profile of essential vitamins and minerals, including GLA (a fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid); Vitamin B12; Sulphur; blood building iron, chlorophyll and the blue-green phycocyanin (this also stimulates the production of stem cells) - all great for hair and skin. Chlorella is similar in nutritional density and is fantastic for your hair as it too boasts vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, polysaccharides supporting the liver, improves digestion, helps regenerate the body's cells, and protects against radiation- all of which influence the outcome of your healthy hair.


My suggestion is to make up your own blend of these herbs to drink and sip whenever you can. Try taking them at your desk instead of regular tea.Try drinking daily:

  • Sage tea - can also apply to your scalp.
  • Nettle tea- great for cleaning out your system and encouraging growth.
  • Rosemary tea - improves blood circulation
  • Ginger and fenugreek tea.

Here is another idea: we have included nettle leaf in our new Protein range and also in our Calcium powder.


1. HEAD STANDS - improves blood circulation

2. HEAD MASSAGE - Make it a new routine- when you wake up, before bed, in the shower, fingers or hairbrush. Try infusing your favourite oil (say jojoba or macadamia) with fenugreek or ginger and have it ready to massage in before you shampoo. Pour into your hand and splash into this mix a few drops of essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, sage, cedarwood, patchouli, or ylang ylang. These are gorgeous oils to have for your burner as well, so I would use them to splash in at each use. You don't need them all but you may want to vary them.

3. HAIR RINSE - Rinse your hair with a Nettle vinegar rinse - Add an infusion of nettle tea to apple cider vinegar. (Making your own nettle infusion from fresh leaves is even better but not easy to get). Again you can make this up and have ready in your bathroom. May be best before shampooing and leaving it on for 10 mins. Keep it fresh weekly.


Increase you Vitamin B-complex intake – take a high dose (twice a day is good for stress), choline, inositol, calcium, magnesium, selenium and zinc.

It is recommended that you take a good daily multi-vitamin and mineral supplement for your hair. We have included a daily formula within our complex superfood blends- complex green and complex berry. They both have the same comprehensive and balanced multi-vitamin, mineral and amino acid formula, designed by world renown bio-chemist Henry Osiecki, to assist with the best functioning of the body including in this case the hair.For best results- Take our complex green or complex berry formula – 3 times a day.


The American high-fat, high protein diet seems to be the link to the fact that Americans suffer from the greatest incidence of baldness and hair loss. Such diets damage the kidneys and acidify the blood. Meat and dairy are high in both fat and protein so to protect your hair, think about eating these in moderation or eliminating them from your diet. In addition, eating sugar and salt can damage the blood and therefore damage your hair as well. Think about alkalizing your diet and increasing your vegetable intake.


The effect of stress on your hair is such an important factor that it can't be missed. Worry, stress and anxiety accelerates the ageing process by weakening the blood (the blood carries the nutrients required for cell regeneration) and in the process it damages the enzyme producing capabilities of the pancreas adding to the reduced absorption of nutrients. (Note: we have included enzymes in our complex formulas to assist the nutrient absorption and the blood building effects of the spirulina and chlorella).


For those of you who believe that 'you are what you think about', then apply this to your hair. Think differently about your hair from now on. Stop worrying about hair loss, tell yourself as you brush or massage your hair and look in the mirror- "I have beautiful, strong and healthy hair." If you are doing the other things mentioned here you would be sealing the deal with this final step.

Our crowning glory changes the way we feel and look, so why not put in a little work in return for the best locks possible. Replace worry with this new routine and stay gorgeous for as long as possible!! What have you got to lose?

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