Rainbow of Veggies Stir Fry

Rainbow of Veggies Stir Fry

You know those times when you don’t have anything in your fridge to cook, and then you look again and realise you have loads of veggies that will work together just nicely. 

This recipe is what I had available the day I created this, but of course you can substitute if you wish. This combo is fantastic though. We ate it before running out to the movies and it was very satisfying, and also fast. 


Coconut oil for the pan 

Sweet potato (thinly sliced) 



Red capsicum

Red (purple)  cabbage


Onion (sliced)

Fresh herbs: Coriander, Parsley, Chives or Basil (these all work) 

Sesame seeds 

Olive oil

Himalayan salt 


A few more suggestions that work


Snow peas




Get all of your ingredients sliced and ready. 

You are going to heat the pan, add  some coconut oil, and add the starchiest/ densest veggie first. You will have your lid handy so that it will make the cooking faster if you keep it on and off. 

In this case, I’m starting with the Sweet potato.  We’ll give it a browning head start for about five minutes on a med/high heat. I love it when it is pan-brown. 

Next add the Carrot, Onion and give them a minute or two. 

The rest of the ingredients don't need to be cooked through. It is really important to keep the greens really green, so that means they only go in the pan for a quickie. 

The Kale is last and will not need cooking but will take on residual heat with the lid on. 

You’re nearly finished. The last gentle stir-in is the sesame seeds and maybe a little sauce- like a dash of Oyster, Tamara or Teriyaki sauce or just olive oil and lemon juice.  

As this recipe is being shared for The Green Detox Project for Lean Day cooking, the Olive oil and Lemon is the go. Don’t forget the Himalayan salt and Pepper and you’re done. Enjoy

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