Herby Basa Fish and Pumpkin Salad

Herby Basa Fish and Pumpkin Salad

This is a good easy after-work dish that is part cooked and part salad. If you get the pumpkin and fish cooking while you make the salad you will be good to go in 5-10 minutes. I could eat this way every day. To make it vegan, leave out the fish. The veggies are great on their own. I totally love including the zucchini noodles when I feel like a kind-of bulkier texture. They are a fantastic non-carb raw substitute for the carb version. I don't think my brain knows the difference. Thank you to the vegan movement for producing this noodle winner because it is always in my arsenal.  Now let's get cooking!


For the pan:

Coconut oil  

Basa Fish  (for Sydney-ites http://bit.ly/2jJaWA1) sub any white fish 

Pumpkin - skin on, slice thinly and cut into bit size pieces


For the salad base:

Salad greens - mixed asian

Tomatoes - baby and tiny wedged

Radishes - finely slivered

Avocado - finely diced


For the salad dressing:

Olive oil

Apple cider vinegar or lemon

Himalayan salt & pepper


For the top:

Carrots - cut in small sticks

Zucchini - raw and zoodled into noodles 

Pesto for the zoodles (or just olive oil/ chopped herbs) 

Chives - chopped

Coriander and parsley  - ripped

Lemon - wedge

Jalapeños - if you want a bit of a kick


Chop the pumpkin first and get it into the pan. This takes the longest-- 5- 10 minutes -- so give it a head start. I usually get another pan to cook the fish at the same time, but just lagging behind.

I have not bought Basa before but I was surprised at how amazing it was. It is good to try something new. The fish I bought had been pre-prepared with herbs & garlic. Otherwise, chop fresh parsley, chives and garlic and olive oil and rub onto fish and straight into the pan. 

Now get your zoodler out. I have a simple hand held one that is fast. If not, just chop the zucchinis finely or julienne them. Place in a bowl and mix with pesto. I keep a locally made vegan pesto handy for these times, or stir in some olive oil/ lemon juice or leave bare--it's still good.

In another prep bowl get your salad base made and mix in the dressed, and into the serving bowl first. 

Prep your other topping veggies and set them all beautifully on top. 

Your pumpkin should be ready and the fish too -- so on they go. 

Finish your masterpiece with the herbs, salt and pepper, jalapeños, lemon and enjoy! :)

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