How Superfood Can Help You Loose Weight & Energise Your Body

How Superfood Can Help You Loose Weight & Energise Your Body

When it comes to losing weight it can start to feel like your whole life begins and ends with food. It's not a positive relationship either – it's like all those 'bad' foods you swore off are an old lover and you're a crazy ex, eyeing them through a window. This is exactly why dieting just doesn't work – it creates the mentality that you are denying yourself something you love, and as absence only makes the heart grow fonder, in the end by dieting all you're actually doing is worsening your eating habits for when you eventually return to normal eating. To continue the simile it's like you've cut yourself off from an old lover and then found that they're all you can think about – suddenly all those bad things about them don't seem to worry you any longer, you forget why you swore off them in the first place, suddenly all you want to do is stuff your face with them until you burst. Ok so it's falling apart now/getting gross because I'm really talking about chocolate.

Basically what I'm getting at here is that your break up with bad foods needs to be amicable – you need to move on to bigger and better things! 


  1. Forget about dieting all together
  2. Focusing on only eating foods that will give back to you.

This is the end of one-way relationships – foods have got to give, not just take. Creating a positive relationship with food is the only true way to not only lose weight but also feel better in general (energy, sleeping, mood, immunity – all of the above).

Think of your body like a really nice luxury car – I like the idea of being a Bentley, so I'm going with that. You feel protective over your Bentley, it's an expensive car, repairs are expensive too, I worked hard for this car; I'm not going to put some crappy petrol in my nice car! (Now if we move away from my second simile for the one post here) this is exactly how you now need to think about your body in order to actually lose weight and keep it off.

Ok so now we've got that, what is the actual, practical, day-to-day thing I need to do now to get going?

That's where Superfood comes in (ahh finally got to that point).

Particular foods are categorized as 'superfoods' because they have very high concentrations of dense nutrients and are simultaneously low in calories. They've been proven to prevent effects of aging, heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers (and the list goes on). Superfoods are like the kind of petrol you'd put in a Bentley.

Green Superfood is particularly important for weight loss. The high concentration of chlorophyll (the green part of greens that makes them so good) makes Complex Green alkalizing and detoxifying – this is hugely important.



Being too acidic (the opposite of alkaline) is what causes disease, weight gain and most significantly perhaps, cravings for unhealthy foods. This means that the alkalizing effect of greens is a key factor in keeping you on track with your new healthy eating habits – taking it up to 3 times a day wards off cravings for things like carbs, sugars and caffeine until eventually it changes your palette all together; after a while many people find that they can't even stand the taste of sugary things anymore!


Detoxing is important for weight loss, as being over weight tends to be to do with/involves retaining toxins – unfortunately it is unavoidable if you are struggling with your weight that you need to flush out toxins before you make any headway towards finding the healthy, slim version of you. When you lose weight while taking greens you are going to find that you not only drop in size but you feel clean and energized like you haven't in a long time! In addition, the detoxing effect of greens helps with digestive trouble like bloating which often hinders weight loss.

In addition, exercise does play a role in losing weight, but superfood can help you there too. What we eat really does affect our energy levels; in fact when our digestive system is struggling with processed, unhealthy, unclean foods it needs to use all the energy you'd rather be spending on your mental clarity, in order to cope. The density of the nutrients, the alkalizing and detoxifying effect and the cleanness of the ingredients in superfood help improve your digestion and increase your energy. If you feel energized you will not only feel clearer and more in control but you will have more energy to exercise.

So ditch the painful "I cant eat that but I really wish I could" diet and start eating according to what is best for you – instead of thinking that you're denying yourself the foods you want, think about the fact that you are a very expensive car that needs top quality fuel and maintenance (you'll find that crappy foods are suddenly not what you want anymore). Try taking green superfood as the first step towards eating well and you'll find that providing your body with the incredibly dense, low calorie nutrients in Greens will change your attitude towards food and your body forever – no longer will you be the crazy ex, no, now you've got much better things to do.

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