Fat burning foods can help eat and lose weight at the same time. The nutritional profiles of some foods can help lose weight and increase the intake of nutrients, while helping reduce calories eaten...

Fat burning foods do not exist per se. But some foods can help in combination with a proper dieting plan and exercise to reduce the amount of calories eaten and at the same time give some boosting substances that help lose fat faster. Green tea can help increase the metabolic levels to burn fat faster and fiber can help reduce the amount of calories absorbed from sugar, while further supporting the increase in metabolic activity to lose fat even faster. 


Eating and losing fat may seem like a lie. And it is. It is impossible to eat as one would and lose weight, except for using physical exercise to burn the excess calories. However, some foods affect weight loss significantly more than others. While there are no real “super foods” to make you lose fat magically as such (the media loves to make big stories every once in a while), some foods may work in concern with a diet or work-out plan to increase its effectiveness and boost weight loss. When trying to lose weight you want to do three things:

1. You want to make sure you expend more calories in a day than you consume. That means you are literally melting fat and using it as additional energy for activity and life support.

2. Make sure you get enough of every essential micro and macronutrient. Deficiencies due to malnutrition can cause severe medical problems and issues that are best avoided. Minerals and vitamins must be tracked in any diet to make sure that your body is getting enough, while still keeping the level of calories to a satisfactory level.

3. Make sure you don’t overdo it and start losing lean mass. This happens when the body is starved of protein and starts digesting its own protein to make up for the energy needs. Losing muscle mass can also lead to several complications, most of all to a saggy and starved appearance, which is something everyone wants to avoid. These things may all appear hard to keep track of and balance while trying to lose weight; however all it takes is a little attention and dedication. If on a diet or working out to lose weight you might consider some of these foods, as they can help with feeling sated for a longer time and provide some benefits for a quicker weight loss.


You might consider replacing coffee, energy drinks or soft drinks with green tea. Green tea may help you lose weight by increasing resting metabolism and regulating energy consumption. There are conflicting studies, some claiming it to be very effective, and others calling it mildly effective. It may not only help you lose weight, but keep it off as well, as an increase in the energy expenditure of the body allows for more calories to be eaten without being turned into fat. Another beneficial effect of green tea might be its purported ability to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol as well. Green tea also helps cycle water through the body faster and get rid of excess liquid accumulated in the skin and fat layers.


Whole grains should always be chosen as the primary carbohydrate source when losing weight. Not only are they a more complete source of micronutrients, they also contain larger amounts of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber may be the most important factor to consider when losing weight. The effect of dietary fiber is well studied and there is a lot of data to support its effects. The negative effects are nicely documented as well (although there is just a few of them) and it may help overall health. Dietary fiber has shown several beneficial effects. One of them is maintaining an effect of fullness for a longer period of time. Fiber regulates your stool and passes food down the digestive tract more slowly, which helps maintain an effect of fullness and decreased appetite for a longer period of time.

Another is its ability to affect the absorption of sugar in the blood. Fiber has been recommended to obese people and people suffering from diabetes type II as a means of reducing and controlling blood sugar. The exact mechanism to how this occurs is not fully understood yet, but we are sure of its effects. When carbohydrate is taken in combination with dietary fiber (such as in whole wheat products or fruit) it is absorbed in a different way and does not increase blood sugar as much as the same amount of sugar without fiber does. Paying attention to maximize the intake of dietary fiber is very important when holding a diet or trying to lose weight, as fiber can potentially contribute to the overall weight loss in several ways, by reducing appetite, regulating the speed of the digestive tract and regulating the absorption levels of sugar.

Another very beneficial alternative to whole grains are grain sprouts. They contain less carbohydrate and more fiber and micronutrients when compared to standard grains. Sprouts are a little more complicated to obtain though. For people who would complete their fiber and micronutrient profile, supplements are an excellent alternative to consider. Passion Projects has several products that contain grain sprouts. Complex Green and Triple Green are excellent supplements that contain grain sprouts in addition to many other beneficial nutrients.


Leafy greens like spinach, broccoli and cabbage are a top weight loss food. They contain very little calories compared to most other foods, but they also contain a lot of micronutrients when compared to most other foods. Iron, calcium, magnesium and vitamins, especially vitamin C can be acquired from leafy greens. The main benefit from leafy greens is however, fiber. Fiber is very important in a healthy diet, especially for people trying to lose weight.

Another excellent source of fiber are algae. They can also be prepared in a multitude of ways, added to other meals or eaten on their own. They also contain a lot of fiber compared to the minimal amount of calories provided, and in this regard might be the best source of dietary fiber available. For people who don't get enough leafy greens in their diet, or would simply like to increase their fiber intake, supplements are something to consider. Several Passion Projects products can help increase the intake of fiber. Complex Green and Triple Green are some Passion Projects products that contain algae as the main source of fiber, in addition to many other nutritional benefits they provide.

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