We all know that Christmas is almost like one long cheat day (cheat season?), a time that’s not just a holiday but a holiday from your diet. So that we can enjoy all the delicious Christmas cakes, biscuits, roasts, cocktails (etc, etc) there are a couple of things you can do to prepare yourself and maintain yourself throughout the season.

First of all, doing a pre-Christmas (and post-Christmas) cleanse is a great way of ensuring your digestion stays healthy and that you don’t go into a Christmas food coma. We suggest doing our Lean Green Detox, which helps you utilize our green superfood products with a step-by-step superfood diet plan. This will help to create an alkaline environment in the body which prevents cravings for junk food, alcohol, caffeine, carbs and sugar, helps cleanse the digestive system, prevents bloating and mental fogginess and more. Doing this just before Christmas will prevent that heavy in the gut, ‘I feel gross’ feeling that you can get after a long Christmas season of scoffing gingerbread. Repeating the detox after Christmas will just reset your body to alkaline after the festivities and help you shed any holiday weight.

The second thing we suggest is ensuring that you maintain your superfood intake during Christmas to ensure that you are still getting enough nutrients – it is very easy, especially at this time of year, to be eating a lot of food without actually getting any nutrients. But because we know that travelling with big boxes of superfood can be a little difficult, we have put on two Christmas Specials that include free Complex Berry superfood or protein sachets, - these are single-serve travel sized packages, perfect for slipping into your handbag on the plane, or into your suitcase. 

Have a fantastic Christmas!

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