Run Out of Complex Green? Try Our Complex Berry & Triple Green Blend

Run Out of Complex Green? Try Our Complex Berry & Triple Green Blend

This blog post addresses our love for Complex Green and the withdrawal symptoms we are going through whilst it is out of stock for at least another week... and counting down!!!


Just to let you know that we know how much you guys love our Complex Green, because it is the easiest way of all to get everything you need, it tastes great, it feeds our green obsession, and so on....but some of us know that there is another way to put it together by adding Complex Berry and Triple Green.

So.... a little bit about what is holding up supplies during August/ Sept.....Due to the fact that it won the ABA100 Australian Business Award for Product Excellence it literally flew out the door. This happened at the same time as our next batch was coming up for blending. We had a problem with this batch just when we needed it the most!!

You will be happy to know that we do not blend until all the individual ingredients have been stringently tested (at a level far exceeding what we have to and what others do). We are proud of this! But not all the ingredients were up to our quality level- in other words, they didn't make it to blending. We had to wait patiently for the missing ingredients to be replaced and go through the testing process again, and pass, which they now have! Yippee!!

This has been frustrating for everyone, but the upside is that you can be rest assured that our ingredients are the best possible. We appreciate that not every company would go to the same extent as us, as decisions like this do not make financial sense, we know, but we stand by our quality, whether you can visibly see the difference or not.

That is simply why we do what we do! We love our ingredients, we love our health and we love our customers!

The rejected ingredients did find their way into the other products out there on the market... not mentioning names! It seems of course more usual for companies go for profit before customers, because the customers do not *see* the difference other than after a while they *feel* different, and then you know the quality is there. It is easy to throw in any ingredients into a superfood blend and pretend that they are good for you. 


I know that we all love our Complex Green and we feel the love there - for that we are truly grateful! But if you haven't ventured out further into our range, now may be the time. Maybe you haven't thought of how similar the Complex Berry is to the Complex Green.

Add in the Triple Green and you will have a close second.

The Complex Berry has an antioxidant focus with more berries in the profile, but it also has similar base of pea protein, herbs, mushrooms, probiotics, vitamins and minerals, digestive enzymes, turmeric, and cinnamon; and spirulina and chlorella. By adding this with Triple Green, you will be able to increase the chlorophyll profile of the blend (for detoxing and alkalizing).

In the meantime, it may be worth keeping an eye out for our announcement of the arrival of the new batch of Complex Green as there are so many back orders, it may go fast again! Orders are open online or your usual store is taking orders as well.

Here's what you do:

1 x 10 g Scoop of Complex Berry

1 x 10 g Scoop of Triple Green


Blend as normal in your favourite smoothie (ours is almond milk, banana and frozen mango); or shake with water or a fresh veggie juice.

So looking forward to it as we miss it too!! :)

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