What our customers say…

'Great products!!!!....i've dropped 10 kgs in 2 weeks with intense training, your products helps me recover quickly, Complex Green settles my nerves, I have all 3 of your products and they all play an important part in my training Thank you!!!

Goran G

I absolutely love Passion Projects vegan protein, antioxidant and green superfood blends and calcium (which helped me recover from numerous bone injuries); all of which form part of my diet everyday.

Ms Allen

'A great way to start the day with a power smoothie made with Complex Berry powder'

Bradley C

'What an amazing product!** Well done and thank you!! – over the past 6 months I have been on the hunt for products and trying many similar products like yours to find one that I love, totally believe in 100 % and also something that is here local in our beautiful country! Being a fitness model, personal trainer & competitor, products like your superfoods are so important for me and my body to stay in the best condition possible all year round without the toxic or artificial stuff… I also only want what's best for my clients bodies so I am very happy to have found your funky & amazing products!!!'

Becompetitive fitness

I just wanted to thank you for your product and company values. I have a 2.5 year old son with a sensory processing disorder. We have come great lengths with OT, however his eating habits are still challenging. However, I feel relief knowing he gets a great mix a vitamins every morning with you berry blend in his morning smoothie….it means a lot to me to have such confidence in a products. All my best to you!

Christine R

'I love your superfood powders – both the greens and berry. They are AMAZING! They really helped me in terms of keeping up my stamina and health during the HSC and also while travelling (on a low budget so I probably wasn't eating very well) in freezing cold Europe. They are delicious and you can really feel how much good they do you. They are also really effective really fast – I always have so much energy straight after drinking a smoothie or drink with powder in it! Guys you are doing an amazing job. Honestly my Complex Berry smoothie for brekkie is the only thing that gets me up in the morning!'

Chloe A

'Just want to say a big thank you to Alejandro for introducing me to amazing products this week. I really appreciate our prompt response to my query about any potential gluten cross contamination that may effect my sister who is a coeliac. Your brand is highly ethical and professional and I will most certainly be spreading the word'

Jessica T

I've been looking at your brand and I want to say that everything is absolutely amazing! I can't wait to order everything! The Acai berry powder looks great! I've been looking everywhere for a great one. …passion projects has a great range of powders and vitamins that are perfect for somebody like me with an extensive training week and these are perfect to help me reach my goals….'

Brighdie C

I recently ordered the Complex Green and Complex Berry powder and wanted to let you know how much I love both products! I have noticed a positive/uplifting change in my overall feeling but especially my skin has become so much better after I have been using the powders on a daily basis…

Julia J

We received a call from a happy customer who said "I have been taking Complex Green for some time but had gone overseas with my very stressful job for a couple of months and had stopped taking it. My doctor told me that I needed to load up on B vitamins. I told him that had been taking Complex Green and asked whether that would be enough. The doctor replied: "I know the formula and it's great. I don't think that you need anything else. Just keep taking it. You don't need to spend money on other vitamins". She told us she was very surprised because doctors usually want to prescribe pills and she felt that we should know what he said!!"

Ms G.

Simply having a glass of Complex Green superfood in water each morning has tremendously helped my mind body and soul. It perks me up each day, giving me a much needed energy boost and my mind is much clearer for the day ahead. Thank you Passion Projects.

Bernadette C.

.... My mental capacity appears 'less cloudy', especially in stressful situations, and even though I picked up a hefty new exercise routine a while ago I rarely experienced sore muscles. This is different from the competitor powder, which did not come with the same 'inner & outer feel' …(or) seem to work to its full (claimed) potential……Keep up the good greens!

Ms Iris

Firstly let me say this is the second time I have placed an order and both times I had a query. On both occasions you have displayed exemplary customer service, and I congratulate you for that.

Secondly, I fully appreciate the frustration and delight of your hectic Xmas period. It is fantastic you are getting the groundswell with high level of orders. From a personal perspective, I have found your products to be amazing. I have an (almost) 17 y.o. son who was diagnosed with depression and anxiety 3 years ago, and has been struggling over the past years. I chose your product range because of your philosophy and the story of supporting your own son. I am now plying my son with a smoothie every morning with a mix of green and berry complex, as well as a number of multi-vitamins and of course his anti-depressant medication. My partner and I also have the smoothie each morning. Not only have we noticed a change in our energy levels, but I have seen a remarkable improvement in my son's general demeanour, and am hopeful that he will be able to return to school this year and complete his VCE.

Finally thank you again for the additional order, which is totally unnecessary. I look forward to receiving the complex green when it becomes available again, and will continue to be a repeat customer going forward.

Carolyn B

I believe it is timely to share with you now that my spouse, Desmond, who was diagnosed with stage 4 or terminal lung cancer is now on his road to recovery by not opting for chemotherapy or radiation but completely relying on a natural way of healing his cancer illness.

We searched through many healthfood stores in Parramatta and with a stroke of luck and blessings, chanced upon your Passion Project's Complex Green. Desmond started off taking the Complex Green in mid May 2015. With some improvement in his symptoms after consuming for 3 months, he added the Complex Berries and the Raw Pea Protein into his daily diet. Since then, he has gained a few kilos and his persistent cough, lethargy and breathlessness are no longer felt. He is able to resume his favourite sport, golf.

We swear by the goodness of your excellent products and have since recommended these products to many family members.

With grateful thanks to your Passion Projects for these wonderful health products.

Linda & Desmond