If you follow our recipes you will know that they are all easy. This is one of those beauties that, if you pull it out in the last minute, when your guests are arriving, they will gasp as you prove you're a magician. Bonus: it's delicious. (I made it for my Valentine Alejandro, and our kids, hence the flowers!) 

Serve with a side salad or your fav accoutrement.



Basa fish or any other white fish (fillet of Whiting, Barramundi, Snapper)

Herbs - parsley, chives, coriander

Olive oil or coconut oil




Snake beans (the really long fancy ones that taste the best)

Sesame seeds

Butter for the beans (your choice if its butter or olive oil)

Oyster sauce (only a tiny bit for flavour, but it's your call) 



If you are serving this with anything else on the side like a salad or potatoes then get these ready first. This main dish is hands on fast so you have to stay on top of the main action for best results. For a dinner party, you would be better to preheat your plates in the oven so the fish doesn't go cold. Don't over cook fish because like eggs, it will keep on cooking after you turn the heat off. 

Grab two skillets and expect this to take 2 minutes. one pan is for the fish, the other for the beans. Or you could do the fish, then the beans because it is fast. 

Chop the herbs and cover the fish (mine came done like this). Cut the root ends of the beans but leave long as they come.

Heat butter, or olive oil (or coconut oil) in both pans. 

Add the fish to the first one on medium heat. Add the beans to the butter as it has heated and going a little burnt to the second. I prefer a little lid action here but you do want to keep an eye on progress because it's fast.

Turn the fish over. Don't over cook it or heat it too much, so turning it down now would be the go. Give it respect and medium low heat so it is soft and lovely.

Give the beans a nice pan toss, and throw in sesame seeds on top and get them going toastie and buttery. 

The fish will be ready literally in seconds, so take it off the heat.


Grab your best most fab plates. Serve the fish and then place the beans on top in a chef-y shape, then the sesame butter can be spooned out over the fish. Add the usual Himalayan salt and pepper and serve with a lemon wedge, (although it won't really need it). Honestly, this will totally melt in your mouth. Enjoy :)

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