Fish in Miso

Fish in Miso

This is a Green Detox Project 'Lean Day' recipe.  It is light and easy to digest—the miso assists with digestion too. You can substitute any fish you like in this recipe as I think miso is versatile. 


Ocean Trout

English Spinach

Miso soup

Shallots (or coriander or parsley)

Pickled ginger

Olive oil


Cook the fish in a pan, and instead of olive or coconut oil, try using a small amount of water on medium heat. Heat first and add the fish next. Turn the heat to gentle cooking slowly. Don't cook through as the fish continues to cook on the plate in the miso.

While the fish is cooking, mix a packet of miso soup in hot water ready to pour over at the end.

Throw in the spinach as the fish is nearing completion. Place the lid on and let it cook quickly in the steam. Serve the fish, pour over the miso soup, place the spinach on top and then the ginger and herbs. Add a splash of olive oil and lemon with Himalayan salt and pepper to taste. 

Serve with a small raw salad on the side. Enjoy!

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