Our Monkey Muse is Now a Musician - Marcelo Music

Our Monkey Muse is Now a Musician - Marcelo Music

Our son, Marcelo who inspired us to create a range of clean nutritious formulas, is now forging a career as a singer/songwriter. 

At Passion Projects we are so proud of the inspiration behind both the monkey logo and the product. For those who don’t know the story, the Passion Projects {allyouneedislove} products were developed to help our son with concentration and learning difficulties he was having at school. We spent many years developing the products with the world renown Bio-chemist Henry Osiecki to ensure that each ingredient was from the best source possible -- matching the cleanest ingredients with the right synergy. Our son was like a litmus test with other products that were on the market as he was hypersensitive to artificial ingredients and sugars, even though most product labels read as if they were good for him. His sensitivity led us to research and confirm that what the labels said was not necessarily the full story or the best quality. We were working from the heart which meant that we were result and quality driven and we set out to provide products that we would be happy to take – products without additives, sugars, fillers, preservatives and so on, most of which we found were not claimed on the label of other products that he was reacting to. 

With the Passion Projects formulas helping us to nurture our son’s health and wellbeing, we have seen him develop his talent in music and love of writing. It is funny that writing was the very thing he was having trouble with at school, and reading and writing is now his passion and career!

Marcelo is currently doing his first Aussie tour supporting Taylor Henderson and his band. If you want to follow his progress, his website is www.marcelomusicofficial.com.

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