Pink Ice Smoothie Bowl Recipe How to make this Pink Ice Smoothie Bowl To achieve this extra gorgeous smoothie bowl you will need a good eye for colour and a selection of extra special toppings! INGREDIENTS Frozen strawberries Coconut milk Complex Berry Vanilla Pea Protein TOPPINGS Dragon fruit Yoghurt or white choc drops (just a […]

Protein ball recipe

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Protein balls are the easiest high protein snack to make at home – literally all you need is a few minutes, a few ingredients and a food processor. These are a great addition to any high protein diet but are especially great for curbing cravings when you are trying to improve your diet and cut […]

Superfood breakfast recipe – Green smoothie bowl

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If you are in need of some breakfast inspiration take a look at this fantastic looking green smoothie bowl! Can’t believe how beautiful that bright pink Dragon-fruit looks against the green! Making a smoothie bowl is an easy feat but making one that looks this good maybe not so easy unless you have a good eye for […]

Protein pancakes recipe – gluten free, high protein

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Protein pancakes have becomes a popular high protein breakfast as of late but finding a recipe that is not only high protein but also good for weight maintenance is the real skill.  Personally I believe that the best protein pancake recipe is one that doesn’t even contain any heavy, bloating carbs from grain (how can […]